The New Priorities in the New Normal (beyond location, location, location)

*** This article was published back in June 2020***

In last week’s article, we mentioned how the London property market has arisen from lockdown and what has happened so far.  Prices are more fragmented than ever, and location is no longer the main deciding factor.

These past few months, many of us have rediscovered the place we called home.  Some of us have enjoyed the pleasure of home-cooking (and now need a better and bigger kitchen), others realized that working from their bedrooms long term is not sustainable, and many now want outside space. The importance of our ‘home’ and how we live our lives is now more predominant than ever.

Lockdown has brought home the need for different spaces for different family members, spaces that are fit for purpose. And not just for now but also for what might lie ahead (2nd wave?).  Many homeowners have embarked in what Americans call ‘beautification’ of their homes. 

Others have come to the conclusion that London is no longer for them and are behind a significant reported spike in rural inquiries, primarily in search of more space, larger gardens and home offices now that working remotely for some businesses has proved efficient. As a property consultant, I believe this is a short-term reaction. Although demand for outer zone areas in London with more green spaces and larger footprints will see a more permanent uplift.

Below is the list of priorities we believe will be the lasting legacy of Covid-19 particulary in the London property market and that go beyond simply location, location, location.

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Pinterest, helping you to decorate your house

If decorating is your thing or you just love to look at beautiful houses, now you have Pinterest. Pinterest will let you look (and dream) at different styles.

Whether you want to go glam or boho, here you will find lots of great stylish ideas to suit different budgets.

More and more real state agencies are featuring photograph of interiors in the site.

So now you know that if you are thinking of getting that beautiful flat in South Kensington or in Notting Hill, you can go to Pinterest for inspiration.


It is good to be back!

The government’s announcement in mid-May that property viewings could recommence in England has enabled the comatose London property market to slowly come back to life….

As expected, there is speculation about how the property market will fare and what implications this lockdown will have on the wider economy, short, medium and long term. The reality is that no matter what people say, we are all in unchartered waters.

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