How To Relocate With No Hassle

Moving house can be incredibly stressful, and is filled with a lot of different steps you feel you cannot get wrong.

From seeking the advice of a relocation property consultant to picking up the keys and ensuring you have not forgotten anything, moving house is one of the 43 most stressful events you can experience.

Here is a checklist of actions you need to take that will make your life easier.


Six Weeks Before You Move

It does not necessarily matter when you do these, so long as they are done with plenty of time before you make your move:

  • Double-check your moving date.
  • Make sure your home insurance covers your new home the day you move in.
  • Let your electrical, gas, internet and other utility providers know that you are moving to avoid issues when you get to your new home.
  • Let your current landlord know of your moving date, or if you are selling your own home, let the buyers know when they can move in.
  • Get your removers ready – either start looking for quotes and references from removal firms or start getting your friends together to help.
  • Have a clear out – If you don’t need any particular items, there is no better time to either sell them donate them or give them to friends.
  • Order any new furniture and carpets for your moving date so you have them ready when you move in.


Two Weeks Before You Move

This is where you arrange anything short term and start to do your packing. This is when the move will start feeling very real:

  • Start packing – Start with your least essential items, such as non-seasonal clothes and books, and get them into boxes ready to quickly move into a van.
  • Notify your local services – make sure you de-register from your doctor, let your milkman know if you are moving and arrange to have your post forwarded.
  • Arrange for someone to look after your children or your pets.
  • Let everyone who needs to know your new address know that you have moved.
  • Finalise your removal arrangements and ensure everyone has clear directions on how to get to your new homeowners.
  • Arrange a time to collect the keys from your estate agent.


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